Reflections of the Day
"I am the Good Shepherd"
Do you know the peace and security of the Good Shepherd who watches over his own? The Old Testament often speaks of God as shepherd of his people, Israel. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want (Psalm 23:1). Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, you who lead Joseph like a flock! (Psalm 80:1) We are his people, and the sheep of his pasture (Psalm 100:3). The Messiah is also pictured as the shepherd of God's people: He will feed his flock like a shepherd, he will gather the lambs in his arms (Isaiah 40:11). Jesus says he is the Good Shepherd who will risk his life to seek out and save the stray sheep (Matthew 18:12, Luke 15:4). He is the Shepherd and Guardian of our souls (1 Peter 2:25).

Jesus made three promises to his followers. He promised them everlasting life. If they accept him and follow him, they will have the life of God in them. Jesus also promised them a life that would know no end. Death would not be the end but the beginning; they would know the glory of indestructible life. Jesus promised a life that was secure. Jesus said that nothing would snatch them out of his hand, not even sorrow and death, since he is everlasting life itself. Our lives are safe in his hands.

The words which Jesus spoke upset many of the Jewish leaders. How could he speak with the same authority which God spoke and claim to be equal with God? He must either be insane or divine. Unfortunately some thought he was mad even though he cured a man who was blind from birth. We are faced with the same choice. Either Jesus is who he claims to be - the Son of God and Savior of the world - or the world's greatest deluder! We cannot be indifferent to his claim. For those who accept him as Lord and Savior he offers the peace and security of unending life and joy with God.

Cyril of Alexander, a 5th century church father comments on Jesus as our Good Shepherd:
"He shows in what manner a shepherd may be proved good; and He teaches that he must be prepared to give up his life fighting in defense of his sheep, which was fulfilled in Christ. For man has departed from the love of God, and fallen into sin, and because of this was, I say, excluded from the divine abode of paradise, and when he was weakened by that disaster, he yielded to the devil tempting him to sin, and death following that sin he became the prey of fierce and ravenous wolves. But after Christ was announced as the True Shepherd of all men, He laid down his life for us (1 John 3:16), fighting for us against that pack of inhuman beasts. He bore the Cross for us, that by His own death he might destroy death. He was condemned for us, that He might deliver all of us from the sentence of punishment: the tyranny of sin being overthrown by our faith: fastening to the Cross the decree that stood against us, as it is written (Colossians 2:14). Therefore as the father of sin had as it were shut up the sheep in hell, giving them to death to feed on, as it is written in the psalms (Ps. Xlviii.16), He died for us as truly Good, and truly our Shepherd, so that the dark shadow of death driven away He might join us to the company of the blessed in heaven; and in exchange for abodes that lie far in the depths of the pit, and in the hidden places of the sea, grant us mansions in His Father? House above. Because of this he says to us in another place: Fear not, little flock, for it has pleased your Father to give you a kingdom (Luke 12:32)."

We Pray:
Do you listen attentively to the voice of the Good Shepherd and obey his word?
"Lord Jesus, you are the Good Shepherd who keeps watch over our lives. May I be ever attentive to your voice and submit fully to your wise rule for my life. Draw me near to you that I may always find peace and joy in your presence.?title1=

Parish News
 25 Hours Prayer and Devotion


 Good Shepherd Sunday

Mass collection on weekend 25/26 April will go to St Francis Xavier Major Seminary in Punggol for upkeep & maintenance. Please give generously.


 Silver Jubilee Feast Day 31 May 2015

Coupons to the event will be on sale at the Church lobby. Get your coupons and join in the festivity. There will be Feast Day dinner at Roland Restaurant in the evening and tickets at S$45.00 also available at the lobby from this weekend whilst stocks last.


 Traffic Wardens

In view of the 200% increased charges by the auxiliary police, a few volunteers have stepped forward to help with traffic control.

Parishioners are urged to cooperate with them.

If you are able to volunteer your services in traffic control during weekend Masses, please call Michael Chew @ 9880 7147 or Paul Handidjaja @ 9686 3866 to discuss details.


 Silver Jubilee Events Calendar

Do look out and take part in our celebrations leading to our Feast Day Silver Jubilee on 31 May 2015!


 Canteen - Who's cooking this week?

The Musician will prepare fried noodles, nasi lemak, fried beehoon and more to handle your hunger.


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We have launched our church's facebook page. Please like our facebook page and help spread the word with friends and fellow parishioners.




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Seraphim Choir Recruitment

Seraphim Choir is recruiting talented singers(Males) and keyboardist to join them. Check out this 2 weekends before 11.15am Mass in the Church lobby. You may contact Melvyn D'Oliveiro @ 9455 0225 or Maria Burgonio @ for details.

Church of the Holy Trinity Kindergarten- Registration for 2016

Registration for 2016 intake will commence on Tuesday 7 April 2015. For information and procedure, please refer to notice board or leaflets available at the Catholic newsstand.

Epiphany Youth Choir Recruitment

Epiphany Youth Choir is recruiting youth aged 14 and above to join their quest to sing for the Lord. If you think you have the "Voice", contact Joshua @ 8717 5854 for details.

Holy Communion

Please be aware that the Church takes a very serious view of blessed body of Christ. It is meant for Catholics only. DO NOT encourage your non-Catholic friends to receive the communion. Incidentally, a host was found lying somewhere in the Church.

Cry Room

Cry Room is meant to pacify your crying child(Only 1 adult to accompany your child). Do retain Reverence that is needed in the House of God. Teach your child to Pray instead of play. Refrain from eating or drinking.

Pastoral Attachment

We welcome Bro Cornelius Ching, a final year student in the Seminary to our Parish. He will be with us every weekend.