Reflections of the Day
"Look up, your redemption is drawing near"
How good are you at reading signs, especially signs which God sends our way? The people of Jesus' time expected that the coming of the Messiah would be accompanied by extraordinary signs and wonders. Jesus' first coming was clouded in mystery and surprising wonderment: Even though he was the rightful heir to the throne of King David, he was born in obscurity in a cave at Bethlehem, near the place where David had watched over his father's sheep some 1000 years before. A choir of mighty angels chose to announce the good news to a small band of lowly shepherds keeping their night watch nearby. Learned magi from the East, who recognized a great omen in the heavenly sky, followed the star until it led them to Bethlehem.

They alone found the child with his mother and paid him homage as the newborn king of Israel. When Jesus humbly submitted to baptism at the River Jordan, the heavenly Father spoke audibly for those nearby who were willing to listen, "This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased." Jesus, during his public ministry performed numerous signs: turning water into wine, calming the storm at sea and walking on water, multiplying seven loaves of bread in the wilderness to feed 5000 people, healing the blind and the lame, expelling demons, and raising the dead.

While many believed in Jesus, many also questioned his signs and refused to believe his claim to be the Messiah sent by the heavenly Father to suffer and die for our sake and for our salvation on the cross of Calvary. Jesus' last and greatest sign during his earthly ministry was his rising from the tomb on the third day after his crucifixion. This sign demonstrated his power to defeat death itself and to give abundant everlasting life to all who believed in him.

The Jews of Jesus' day were looking for a Messiah King who would free them from the oppressive rule of pagan Rome. Many had hoped that Jesus would be their victorious conqueror. They missed, however, the most important sign and reason for the Messiah's first coming ?his death on the cross as the atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world and his triumphant victory over death and Satan when he rose on the third day. The Lord Jesus is both the "Son of David", the rightful heir and Messiah King of Israel whose reign will endure for all ages (Psalm 89:3-4,29,36-37) ?and the "Son of Man", chosen by God as the anointed ruler who will come at the end of the age to establish a universal kingdom of peace, righteousness, and justice for all the nations and peoples of the earth.

Many churches in the East and West, since the early first centuries of the Christian era, have marked special seasons to celebrate the central truths of the Christian faith. The Advent season which precedes Christmas and Epiphany reminds us that we are a pilgrim people, aliens and exiles in this age who long for our true home with God in his heavenly kingdom, and who await with joyful hope the return of the Lord Jesus at the end of the age. When will the Lord Jesus come again? No one but the Father in heaven knows the day. But it is a certain fact that we are living in the end times, the close of this present age! The end times begin with the first coming of Jesus Christ (his Incarnation which we celebrate at Christmas and Epiphany) and culminates in his final return on the Day of Judgment.

We Pray:
"Lord Jesus, may I never lose sight of the signs of your presence in my life and the signs of your action in the world today. Free me from spiritual dullness, indifference, and every distraction that would keep me from you. May I never tire of listening to your word, seeking you in prayer, and longing for your return in glory."

Parish News
 Canteen - Who's cooking this week?

Couples for Christ will be serving spaghetti, fried beehoon, nasi lemak and more. In the Spirit of Christmas, they will be Caroling in the Church lobby between Masses. All proceeds from caroling will go towards the Church maintenance.


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We have launched our church's facebook page. Please like our facebook page and help spread the word with friends and fellow parishioners.




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Mass Schedule

Usual Mass Schedule


6.30am & 6.00pm (Public Holiday - 9.00am only)


6.30am 5.00pm (Novena) 6.00pm (Sunset Mass)

2nd Saturday of the month

7.30pm (Tagalog)


6.45am, 8.00am (Mandarin), 9.30am, 11.15am 6.00pm


Feast day of the Immaculate Conception

Legion of Mary warmly invites all to join in the Rosary at the grotto after evening Mass on the 8 Dec 2015.

Children's Choir

There will be an audition on Sat 4 Dec at 8pm in Rm 7 for children aged between 7-12 who are interested to perform for the children's Christmas eve Mass. For details, call Denise@9878 8050.

Christmas Tree for Jesus

During this Advent Season, the Youth Ministry will set up a tree where parishioners are encourage to bring a friend or two and write a prayer petitions for them on the leave to be hung on to the tree. The purpose is to get to know others and spread the love of Christ. Volunteers will stationed themselves around the tree to provide details on all Sundays commencing on 29 Nov onwards. A caring and close-knitted parish starts with you! Together, let us build a Christmas tree for Jesus.

Exco Meeting

Monday 30 November. Ministry Leaders should assign an assistant to the meeting in event that they are unable to attend personally.

Barang x 2 Helping Hands

Barang x 2 Helping Hands is recruiting new volunteers for their thrift shop every Mon from 8am-4pm to sort & sell donated items and packing for Ministries that are holding jumble sales to raise funds. If you are keen, please leave your contact details with the Secretariat.

Dress for Mass

The EXCO discussed and wish to remind Parishioners that attending Mass with improper attires will reflect the lack of self-respect display by the individual.

Holy Communion

Please be aware that the Church takes a very serious view of blessed body of Christ. It is meant for Catholics only. DO NOT encourage your non-Catholic friends to receive the communion. Incidentally, a host was found lying somewhere in the Church.

Cry Room

Cry Room is meant to pacify your crying child(Only 1 adult to accompany your child). Do retain Reverence that is needed in the House of God. Teach your child to Pray instead of play. Refrain from eating or drinking.