Reflections of the Day
"Give us each day our daily bread"
Do you pray with joy and confidence? The Jews were noted for their devotion to prayer. Formal
prayer was prescribed for three set times a day. And the rabbis had a prayer for every occasion. It
was also a custom for rabbis to teach their disciples a simple prayer they might use on a regular
basis. Jesus' disciples ask him for such a prayer. When Jesus taught his disciples to pray he gave
them the disciple's prayer, what we call the Our Father or Lord's Prayer.

We can approach God confidently as a Father who loves us

Jesus teaches us to address God as "our Father" and to confidently ask him for the things we need
to live as his sons and daughters. We can approach God our Father with confidence and boldness
because Jesus Christ has opened the way to heaven for us through his atoning death and
resurrection. When we ask God for help, he fortunately does not give us what we deserve. Instead,
he responds with grace (his favor and blessing) and mercy (pardon and healing). He is kind and
forgiving towards us and he expects us to treat our neighbor the same.

Parable of the late night guest

What can we expect from God, especially when we recognize that he doesn't owe us anything and
that we don't deserve his grace and favor? Jesus used an illustration from the hospitality customs of
his time to show how God is always ready to treat us with the best he has to offer. The rule of
hospitality in biblical times required that every guest, whether stranger or friend, be warmly
welcomed, refreshed (which often involved the washing of feet), and fed with the best food and
drink available. It didn't matter what time of the day or night the guests might show up, it was your
duty to stop what you were doing so you could give the guests the best care and shelter you could
provide. If there wasn't adequate sleeping accommodation for both your guests and your family, the
family slept outside under the stars. When guests showed up in a village, the whole community
could be prevailed upon to provide whatever was needed.

Jesus' parable of the importunate and bothersome neighbor shows a worst case scenario of what
might happen when an unexpected guest shows up in the middle of the night! The family awakens,
unbolts the locked door to receive the guest, then washes the guest's feet, and the wife begins to
prepare a meal. When the wife discovers that she has no bread to set before the guest, she prevails
on her husband to go and get bread from a nearby family, who by now is also asleep with their door
bolted shut. In a small village it would be easy for the wife to know who had baked bread that day.
Bread was essential for a meal because it served as a utensil for dipping and eating from the
common dishes. Asking for bread from one's neighbor was both a common occurrence and an
expected favor. To refuse to give bread would bring shame because it was a sign of inhospitality.

God's generosity towards us

If a neighbor can be imposed upon and coerced into giving bread in the middle of the night, will
not God, our heavenly Father and provider, also treat us with kind and generous care no matter
how troubling or inconvenient the circumstances might appear? Jesus states emphatically, How
much more will the heavenly Father give! St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) reminds us that
"God, who does not sleep and who awakens us from sleep that we may ask, gives much more
graciously." The Lord Jesus assures us that we can bring our needs to our heavenly Father who is
always ready to give not only what we need, but more than we can ask. God gives the best he has.
He freely pours out the blessing of his Holy Spirit upon us so that we may be filled with the
abundance of his provision. Do you approach your heavenly Father with confidence in his mercy
and kindness towards you?

We Pray:
"Father in heaven, you have given me a mind to know you, a will to serve you, and a heart to love you. Give me today the grace and strength to embrace your holy will and fill my heart with your love that all my intentions and actions may be pleasing to you. Help me to be kind and forgiving towards my neighbor as you have been towards me".
Parish News
 Sacerdotal Ordination to Priesthood

Sacerdotal Ordination to Priesthood of Deacon Cornelius Ching by his Grace Archbishop William Goh on Tuesday 9 August 2016, 10.00 am at the
Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Limited number of tickets for sit-down lunch at $40 per head can be purchased from our Parish Secretariat.


 Who's cooking this week

The Warden Ministry will be serving nasi lemak, fried beehoon, coneydogs and more?


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Exco Meeting

Monday 25 July 2016. Ministry Leaders who are unable to attend the meeting personally need to send a representative.

Bible Study

Bible Study Group will be commencing a new bible session on the Book of Deuteronomy on Sunday 14 August 2016. Register at the Secretariat. All are welcome!

Jumble Sale - 30 & 31 July 2016

Kindergarten will hold a Jumble Sale on the weekend of 30/31 July to raise funds, assisting the Wardens Ministry in their aid for the Sisters of our Lady of the Mission in Vietnam. Funds will help to rebuild the residence and kindergarten which is in a depilated state which is unsafe to live in. Please give your generous support to their cause.

Driving to Church

Motorist are advised to refrain from waiting along the street leading to the Church for Sunday Masses in view of the new road divider set up by LTA to prevent drivers from overtaking. Kindly cooperate with our traffic wardens.

Dress for Mass

The EXCO discussed and wish to remind Parishioners that attending Mass with improper attires will reflect the lack of self-respect display by the individual.

Holy Communion

Please be aware that the Church takes a very serious view of blessed body of Christ. It is meant for Catholics only. DO NOT encourage your non-Catholic friends to receive the communion. Incidentally, a host was found lying somewhere in the Church.

Cry Room

Cry Room is meant to pacify your crying child(Only 1 adult to accompany your child). Do retain Reverence that is needed in the House of God. Teach your child to Pray instead of play. Refrain from eating or drinking.