Reflections of the Day
Do not return evil for evil
Grace of the Holy Spirit
What makes a disciple of Jesus Christ different from everyone else? What makes Christianity distinct from any other religion? It is grace - treating others, not as they deserve, but as God wishes them to be treated - with loving-kindness and mercy. Only the cross of Jesus Christ can free us from the tyranny of malice, hatred, revenge, and resentment and gives us the courage to return evil with good. Such love and grace has power to heal and to save from destruction. The Lord Jesus suffered insult, abuse, injustice, and death on a cross for our sake. Scripture tells us that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin and guilt (Matthew 26:28; Ephesians 1:7, I John 1:7, Revelation 1:5). Since God has been merciful towards us through the offering of his Son, Jesus Christ, we in turn are called to be merciful towards our neighbor, even those who cause us grief and harm.

How can we possibly love those who cause us harm or ill-will? With God all things are possible. He gives power and grace to those who believe and accept the gift of the Holy Spirit. His love conquers all, even our hurts, fears, prejudices and griefs. Only the cross of Jesus Christ can free us from the tyranny of malice, hatred, revenge, and resentment and gives us the courage to return evil with good. Such love and grace has power to heal and to save from destruction. Do you know the power and freedom of Christ's redeeming love and mercy?

Perfect - made whole
Was Jesus exaggerating when he said we must be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48)? Jesus' command seems to parallel two passages from the Old Testament Scriptures. The first is where God instructed Abraham to "be perfect/blameless" before God (Genesis 17:1). The original meaning of "perfect" in Hebrew and the Aramaic dialect which Jesus spoke is “completeness?or “wholeness" - "not lacking in what is essential."

The second passage that seems to parallel Jesus' expression - "be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect"- is the command that God gave to Moses and the people of Israel to "be holy, for I am holy" (Leviticus 11:44,45; 19:2). God created each one of us in his own image and likeness (Genesis 1:26,27). That is why he calls us to grow in maturity and wholeness so we can truly be like him - a people who loves as he loves and who chooses to do what is good and to reject what is evil (Ephesians 4:13-16).

Freedom and power to love as God loves
God knows our sinfulness and weaknesses better than we do - and he assures us of his love, mercy, and help. That is why he freely gives us his power, strength, and gifts so that we may not lack anything we need to do his will and to live as his sons and daughters (2 Peter 1:3). Do you want to grow in your love for God and for your neighbor? Ask the Holy Spirit to purify and transform you in the image of the Father that you may know and live in the joy and freedom of the Gospel.

Copyright (c) 2016 Servants of the Word, source:, author Don Schwager

We Pray:
"Lord Jesus, your love brings freedom and pardon. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and set my heart ablaze with your love that nothing may make me lose my temper, ruffle my peace, take away my joy, nor make me bitter towards anyone."
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Alighting Passengers

Parishioners coming to Church by taxi or those driving who are dropping off passengers are requested to turn into the Church entrance. Alighting passengers outside the main road before turning into Church will create traffic congestion. Kindly follow the wardens' direction.


Please Signal

Parishioners driving into the Church from main road are reminded to give amber signal indicating their intentions allowing wardens enough time to act. Indicating signal earlier can also help to ease traffic congestion. Drivers are urged to avoid sudden turn shocking pedestrian from this action.


Walk in Single File

For safety reason, parishioners are advised to walk in a single file instead of 2 or 3 abreast along the minor road while leaving or entering the Church. This would minimise the chances of mishap as vehicles are sharing the use of this minor road.


 Lent Booklet

The Office for the New Evangelisation has produced a booklet of reflections for the season of Lent. The theme is “The Inclusive Community? Please take a copy of the booklet. It will also be made available online at:


 Cathedral of the Good Shepherd Dedication Celebration

As part of the celebration, the East District Mass will be celebrated on Mon, 20 Feb, 7.30 pm at the Cathedral. The theme is Compassion. Parishioners are encouraged to participate.


 St Joseph's Convent Family Carnival

St Joseph's Convent will be selling their Family Carnival tickets on the weekend of 25 & 26 Feb. Please give them your generous support.


 Who's cooking this week

Couples for Christ will be serving Nasi Lemak, fried beehoon, hotdog, porridge and many other delicious items.


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Catechism Sessions for Primary & Confirmation Level

Catechism Session for Primary and Confirmation levels begin on 18/19 Feb. Saturday - 2.30 pm (P4, 5 & 6) 4.00 pm (P1, 2 & 3) Sunday - 8.00 am (P5, 6 & 3) 9.30 am (P1, 2 & 4) 11.00 am (Confirmation levels) Sessions for Superkids and Special Needs will commence on 26 Feb at 9.30am

Blessings of Anniversary Couples

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Blessings of Expectant Mothers

Blessings of Expectant Mothers will be rescheduled to the 4th Sunday of every month with effect from January 2017.

Dress Code for Mass

The EXCO discussed and wish to remind Parishioners that attending Mass with improper attires will reflect the lack of self-respect display by the individual. Kindly dress appropriately.

Holy Communion

Please be aware that the Church takes a very serious view of blessed body of Christ. It is meant for Catholics only. DO NOT encourage your non-Catholic friends to receive the communion. Incidentally, a host was found lying somewhere in the Church.

Cry Room

Cry Room is meant to pacify your crying child(Only 1 adult to accompany your child). Do retain Reverence that is needed in the House of God. Teach your child to Pray instead of play. Refrain from eating or drinking.