Mass Schedule

Divine Mercy Novena

Nine Novena Devotions in the Chapel:-

18 Apr

9.00 am

19 & 20 Apr

3.00 pm

21 to 25 Apr

7.00 pm

26 Apr

3.00 pm

Holy Week Mass Schedule

17 April Maundy Thursday

Mass of the Lord's Supper at 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm followed by adoration till midnight. (No Morning Mass)

18 April Good Friday - Day of Fast & Abstinence

Celebration of the Lord's Passion 8.00 am(M), 11.00 am/3.00 pm/6.00 pm

19 April Holy Saturday

No Morning/Evening Mass & Novena Service.
Easter Vigil Mass and Baptism of Adult at 7.30 PM

20 April Easter Sunday

6.45am, 9.30am, 11.15am, 3.00pm (Mandarin with Baptism), 6.00pm

Usual Mass Schedule


6.30am & 6.00pm (Public Holiday - 9.00am only)


6.30am 5.00pm (Novena) 6.00pm (Sunset Mass)

2nd Saturday of the month

7.30pm (Tagalog)


6.45am, 8.00am (Mandarin), 9.30am, 11.15am 6.00pm