Wardens Ministry


Wardens Ministry

1 To assist in the spiritual growth of it's Members through an active participation in all liturgical celebrations of the church.

2 To welcome and assist congregation in the celebration of the liturgy through the service of greeting them as they enter the church, handing them the various books or leaflets required for the celebration, distributing handouts, assisting in the offertory collection,offertory procession,orderly reception of Holy communion, orderly parking of cars within the church compound.

3 To assist the priests in maintaining order during liturgical celebrations.

4 To provide other assistance at the request of the priests of the parish.

5 To assist in any other events organised by the Parish or the Archdiocese with the approval of the Spiritual Director / Parish Priest.

6 To help in the spiritual growth of the wardens by organising talks, retreat, etc.