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The Legion of Mary was founded in 1921 by the Servant of God Frank Duff in Dublin, Ireland

It is an international Worldwide Marian Organisation , its system model after that of the Roman Legion. The handbook written by its founder sets the tone of its structure and the ministrys accountability . It works with the sanction of the local church and in obedience to its pastors.

The objective of the Legion is for the personal sanctification of its members through prayers and spiritual exercises like retreats, seminars. The spirit of the Legion is that of Mary herself. Legionaries live an apostolic life through prayer and work in the spirit of Mary so that others may experience the love of Christ and encounter Him personally The weekly work assignments empowers us in a concrete way of evangilsation through contact work , visits etc.

There are 2 categories of membership. Active members attend its weekly meetings where the rosary is prayed. Auxillary or praying members do not attend meetings but support the active members through their daily praying of the rosary and the Teserra, which is inclusive of the Magnificat. Meetings are held in different languages used by the ordinary..
Holy Trinity Church legionaries are under East District Curia which reports to Singapore Senatus, who in turn to Concillium ( Dublin) the highest governing body. For details www.legiomariae.net

In our Parish 3 English Speaking groups have their one and a half hour weekly meetings every Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm respectively .There is another group on every Tuesday at 10.am for those available in the morning.

We visit Homes for the Aged , hospitals and homes of parishioners asking for prayers. We actively participate in all functions, programmes and initiatives of Holy Trinity Parish like canteen duty, selling of yearend Catholic News etc.

All are invited to observe our meetings and see for yourself before making any commitment . HTC website www.holytrinity.org.sg/minitries.asp?menuid-m25

Pls contact Bibiana at 91513447, Celine at 98584782 and May at 97259608.