The NCC - Belonging Group

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Who Are We? What do we do?

The NCC Belonging Group was formed for the purpose of making those who live outside the parish boundary of Simei and Tampines feel they belong to the Church of the Holy Trinity. Hence the name Belonging. NCC stands for Neighbourhood Christian Community.We started our Group after Father Edward conducted his two weekend workshops on Small Christian Community in 2010. Our first meeting was on 18th Sept 2010. So we are now about 4 years old.

Our mission is to reach out to people who currently do not participate in any church ministries or activities. Also to strengthen our faith and to help build a strong Christian Community. All are welcome to join us if they wish to grow in love for God and for one another. We share in the life of the church and are happy that most of our members are very active in other ministries as well. We meet once a month, 1st Sat of every month in the home of one of our members. We rotate our meeting venues. Hosting is voluntary. We meet in the afternoons and may change the time depending on the occasion. Bible sharing is followed by tea and fellowship and usually ends in one and a half hours.

Outside Lent and Advent period, we did Bible Sharings as to how we can walk in the footsteps of Christ i.e how to be his disciple. We also listen to DVD talks on Salvation history and discuss some of the Life Application questions. We are open to suggestions from members as to what area of the faith they are interested in and try to cater to their needs.

Some examples from past years:
1.We invited Patrick Prakash to talk and teach us on meditation.
2.We co-ordinated Father Ambose Vaz talk on the Gospel of Mark at parish level.
3.We made a trip to Penang for Bro Aloysius Ordination.
4.We did the local pilgrimage called (PIMBY) to churches in the City and Hougang areas.
5.We participated in the Powerhouse at each PRE Session.
6.We co-ordinated the Leadership training for the parish.

We hope to make more trips to homes of the aged and to help the poor and the needy in the near future.