Parish News

  RCIA (Chinese)

RCIA (Chinese) will commence a new journey on Monday 19 June 2017 at 7.45 pm. Register at the Parish office. For details, contact Ida at 9006 2037 or email:


  RCIA (English)

RCIA (English) will begin a new journey on Tuesday, 20 June 2017 at 7.45pm. Volunteers are needed to assist in this upcoming journey. Registration forms for Inquirers and Volunteers are available in the parish office and RCIA notice board. Call Gregory @ 8444 5505 or email for details.


  Lift Upgrading

As the lift is currently undergoing upgrading, only one elevator will be in operation during the process. We urge abled body parishioners to use the stairway and leave the elevator to people with mobility inconveinence. Your cooperation is appreciated.


  Catechism Sessions

Semester 1 will end on the weekend of 27 & 28 May. Sessions will resume on the weekend of 1 & 2 July 2017.


  Who's cooking this week

Couples for Christ will be operating the canteen this week.


  Please like our new Facebook Page!

We have launched our church's facebook page. Please like our facebook page and help spread the word with friends and fellow parishioners.